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Hot Rod Red - Neobilly band image



Bass player extraordinaire.

Can play any bass instrument with wild aplomb.

Can even play the upright while lying down.

The gourmet of the group, "Hot" is an amateur chef.  And we only say amateur because he doesn't get paid for it.  Like his playing, his dishes range from tasteful delicacies to raucous rock & roll.


The voice of Hot Rod Red.  Love it or hate it, it gets the point across like a mackerel to the face.

Born at a very early age, "Rod" has been stealing, er, uh, ahem, writing songs most of his child-like life.

When performing a show, there is always the smell of bacon in the air due to his being a complete and utter ham. But, really, who doesn't like bacon?


As an international touring musician, drums are not only his instrument of choice, but his way of life.

His playing runs the total dynamic gamut - from pianissimo to stentato, playing everything with finesse and total alacrity.

Because "Red" likes to hit things with sticks, it is no wonder that his other passion is hockey.

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